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Hello agian!

2010-06-13 17:11:23 by pies26

Ahhhhh! Can't you smell that?! Well of course you can't silly! Unless, for some strange reason your stalking me...... Anyways, today seemed like such a nice day I thought I should stay in and talk to my peeps on newgrounds or just anyone really caring on what I have to say really. So here's a question for you.! Yeah! What is the only animal on earth with four knees but cannot jump hmmmmm? Well, if you have any idea just comment me and see if you are right punk! And while your poor little mind puzzles over that I'm gonna go make mount Rushmore out of matches! See everyone wins! (: Oh and here's a funny pic!

Hello agian!


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2010-06-13 17:22:49

an elephant?